About Us

Live Healthy. Inside and Out.

SING-ALONG SOAP believes the essentials for maintaining a HEALTHY body should be simple; get enough rest; eat nutritious foods; and exercise on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some things are difficult to control. Our skin is exposed to harmful elements on a daily basis, including many of the so-called soap products. In an effort to improve our wellness, we created a NATURAL soap bar that heals, nurtures and protects.

Why Sing-Along Soap?

We are committed to promoting wellness and offer HANDMADE soap that is 100% NATURAL, VEGAN, and Palm Oil Free. In addition to carefully selecting our natural ingredients, we make our soap using the cold process method to preserve as many of the nutrients as possible. Our REAL soap is actually GOOD for your skin. You won’t find any harsh detergents, toxic chemicals or man-made fragrances in our soap!

We use unrefined, nutrient-rich vegetable oils, rich in antioxidants to revitalize your skin. Natural botanicals, purifying earth clays and tropical butters are added to exfoliate, deep clean and moisturize. Our scented bars are enriched with aromatherapy grade ESSENTIAL OILS.

We have also incorporated our LOVE of music into our soaps. Each of our bars is named after a SONG. Studies have shown that singing is actually GOOD for you… physically, mentally as well as spiritually, so of course we want YOU to do more of it. We think a daily dosage of singing in the SHOWER with our ALL-NATURAL soap is a perfect way to start each and every day!